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Einen sehr guten Eindrück hinterlässt das Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana, das oft sehr zart und subtil begleitet. Director Marco Boemi lässt den Solisten Zeit zum Ausformen besonders klangvoller Soli, ohne dass dabei die Spannung abfällt.

Opernglas, review CD Vincerò with Piotr Beczala

Accompanying Beczala is the Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana, excellently directed by Marco Boemi, which provides support that is not just a simple accompaniment but a full stylistic framework for the pieces performed.

GB Opera, review CD Vincerò with Piotr Beczala

Muy bueno fue el acompanamiento de la orquesta, bajo la conduccion of the Italian master Marco Boemi,
quien conoce diversos estilos, y que directs with seguridad, control y cadencia.

Opera World, Gala with Anna Netrebko / Yusif Eyvazov, Broadstage Hall, Santa Monica

.... it began with Maestro Boemi leading the talented orchestra in Nabucco Overture. A passionate, regal rendition….… .This was followed by the orchestra's outstanding interpretation of the Overture from La forza del fate….

Weekly Essay Los Angeles, Gala with Piotr Beczala, Broadstage Hall, Santa Monica

Maestro Boemi has a past as an accompanist on the piano and, in fact, it is precisely in following the soloist that we hear him offer the best proof. The conductor had not revealed any difficulties in managing orchestral music with Schumann's staff and he demonstrates even less with Haydn's…. A good precision in keeping the orchestra together without smudging and with remarkable intensity of sound.

The musical bee, Haydn Concert, Schumann, Teatro Filarmonico, Verona

To top the performnace off, the conductor Marco Boemi leads the proceedings with judicious tempos and draws splendid playing from the orchestra.

Classical net, review DVD Tosca, Daniela Dessì, Fabio Armiliato, Claudio Sgura, Teatro Carlo Felice, Genoa

The conducting of Marco Boemi, at the head of the Orchestra of the Carlo Felice Theater, was able to balance the voice-orchestra relationship in an optimal way, making the most of the instrumental pages rich in colors and suggestions.

Operaclick, Tosca, Daniela Dessì, Fabio Armiliato, Claudio Sgura, Carlo Felice Theater, Genoa

The performance of the Orchestra of the Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza was also very good, conducted with excellent air by Marco Boemi, who always found the right tempos and the appropriate colors, combined with interesting dynamic choices. We particularly liked the crackling Overture by Candide, in which the orchestra professors seem to really enjoy themselves, thus entertaining the audience, and the ponchielliana Danza delle ore, concerted by Boemi with a good dose of amused irony.

Operaclick, Alberto Cupido Concert, Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza

The orchestra started off rather gently under Marco Boemi… this italian conductor know show to keep Verdi moving, and the tension built up right to the end.

Opera magazine, Il Trovatore, Chaliapin Festival, Kazan

Valid and in line with the choices of Dessì the contribution of the pianist Marco Boemi whose conducting experience was leaked by the safety in the instrumental accompaniment, which from the point of view of the sonority has always been calibrated on the colors adopted by the soloist, fully supported by the piano. also in agogics.

Operaclick, Piano Recital Daniela Dessì, Teatro alla Scala, Milan

Even the pianist Marco Boemi was in some way a "lyrical animal" in supporting and highlighting Taddei's acrobatics.

Corriere della sera, Piano Recital Giuseppe Taddei, Teatro dell'Opera, Rome

The orchestra led with a sure hand by Marco Boemi manages to extricate itself from the sound waves of an instrumentally impervious score.

The Republic, Werther, Giuseppe Sabbatini, Katia Ricciarelli, Politeama Theater, Lecce

Zwar steht mit Marco Boemi ein solider Kapellmeister am Pult des Festspielorchesters…

Kurier, Turandot, Galina Kalinina, Sergey Nayda, St, Margarethen Festival

Am Pult agierte Marco Boemi, der das richtige Feeling und den spezifischen Drive für Rossini einbrachte, das Braunschweiger Staatsorchester erwies sich alse in präzise und mit Lust spielender Klangkorper, in dem auch die vielen kleinen Soli gut zur Geltung kamen.

Opernwelt, Otello (Rossini) James Wagner, Paola Antonucci, Enrico Facini, Staatstheater, Braunschweig

The creator of a magnetic atmosphere is the conductor Marco Boemi, an extraordinary interpreter of heterogeneous musical pages, rich in variations, soft phrases and overwhelming instrumental incursions.

South Tyrol, Strauss Concert, De Falla, Respighi, Ravel, La Scala Youth Orchestra, MusicaRiva Festival, Riva del Garda

Marco Boemi's conducting has the happy ability to illuminate oft-hidden detail without over-emphasizing it

and supports Beczala well.

Opera Now, review CD Vincerò with Piotr Beczala

Other attractions include fine work from the Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana under Marco Boemi, who achieves subtle but not retiring detail in support of Beczala's big voice.

Barnes and Noble, review CD Vincerò with Piotr Beczala

Le Nozze di Figaro Overture was conducted with great detail by Maestro Marco Boemi… .Other pieces from the orchestra and Maestro Boemi included lovely renditions of Bacchanale from Sanson et Dalila, Carmen Overture and Traviata Overture ....

Weekly Essay Los Angeles, Gala with Vittorio Grigolo, Broadstage Hall, Santa Monica

.... polish tenor Piotr Beczala in concert with orchestra conducted by the charming Marco Boemi: perfection!

Los Angeles Examiner, Gala with Piotr Beczala, Broadstage Hall, Santa Monica

With italian Maestro Marco Boemi in the pit Donizetti's beautiful and mercurial score was in safe hands from the very beginning with a romantic reading of the Overture and overall the playing of the FNO orchestra was assured and precise.

Seen and heard international, Don Pasquale, De Candia, Finnish National Opera, Helsinki

.... the depths of emotional content within the work, so generously underscored by Puccini and perfectly performed here under Marco Boemi, come fully to life.

Opera Journal, review DVD Tosca, Daniela Dessì, Fabio Armiliato, Claudio Sgura, Teatro Carlo Felice, Genoa

Marco Boemi and the Anhaltische Philarmonie Dessau begleiteten nicht nur zuverlässig sounding with an elegische "Reise nach Le Havre" and schmissig-eleganten Rossini Overturen auch für ausgesprochenen Hoehepunkte des gelungenen Abends.

Opernwelt, "La dolce vita", Vincenzo la Scola, Olga Peretyatko, GendarmenMarkt, Berlin

De excelente has to be reputed el trabajo de la Magiar Orquesta Sinfonica de Szeged… su labor turned out brilliant, siempre equilibrada y dejandose oir con mucho agrado sin antosigar en volumen a los cantantes.
Por ello has from tildarse as muy buena the tarea de concertacion of the Roman Marco Boemi llevando to the organic orquestal por acertados niveles de intensidad y ofreciendo muchos momentos de elegant exposicion.

Vasco diary, Werther, Giuseppe Sabbatini, Katharine Goeldner, ABAO Bilbao Opera

.... die sorgfältige Einstudierung des italienischen Premierendirigenten Marco Boemi zahlte sich in musikalischer Eindringlichkeit aus, die immer auf die dramatische Essenz zielte.

Opernglas, Il Trovatore, Chaliapin Festival, Kazan

Marco Boemi stayed at the piano and contributed much to a joyous evening… there was a jocular relationship between the participants throughout the evening. The opening piano flourishes of Granada were but an example of the pianist moving into center stage and taking advantage of it. Siragusa stood back in admiration as his partner exultantly wallowed in the percussive opportunities.

Classical source, Piano Recital Antonino Siragusa, Wigmore Hall, London

Boemi saved his most effective playing for the end of this curious recital ....

Bachtrack, Piano Recital Carlo Colombara, Wigmore Hall, London

The direction of Marco Boemi gave the whole a fruitful unity of atmosphere, obtaining from the Orchestra calibrated colors that unfolded in a very wide range, outlining the variety of situations with enthralling significance and supporting the poetic values of singing with ideal relief.

The gazette of noon, Werther, Giuseppe Sabbatini, Katia Ricciarelli, Politeama Theater, Lecce

The good performance of the delicate four-way musical machine supported by Constant's acid reduction was elegantly ensured by Marco Boemi, who was good at keeping the meager Byzetian strands granted by the score and the strong stage reading hinged in a unitary operatic vision.

La Repubblica, La tragedie de Carmen, Daniela Barcellona, Walter Omaggio, Teatro Nuovo, Spoleto

Unanimity of consents also for the orchestral direction: Marco Boemi did not make one regret Gustav Kuhn at all.

Il Messaggero, Traviata, Giusi Devinu, Marcello Giordani, Renato Bruson, Sferisterio, Macerata

… To orquestra atacou to ab cut de Nabucco, muito bem conduzida por Marco Boemi .... a abrezza de Force of destiny: corn uma vez muito bem conduzido por Boemi o conjunto ..., Recital Josè Bros, San Pedro Theater, San Paolo

The Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana led by Marco Boemi offers Beczala complete freedom as he spins phrases with expansive rubato. The Orquestra plays with accuracy, passion and beauty. They and Marco Boemi are sensitive and engaged accompanists.

The classic review, review CD Vincerò with Piotr Beczala

The cast is led with effective attention by Marco Boemi who draws a Traviata without rhetoric but of thought.

The musical courier, Traviata, Verona Philharmonic Theater

The Overture to Verdi's Vespri Siciliani enjoyed a surprisingly spirited and accomplished reading by Maestro Boemi with full attention to the composers quickly shifting tempos and dynamic markings and excellent delineation of all those Rossinian crescendos as well…. accompanist and gave excellent support both to his soloist and the players. He also seemed to be having a hell of a good time and his high spirits were reflected in the commitment of the orchestra.

Parterre Box, Gala with Michael Fabiano, Broadstage Hall, Santa Monica

With Boemi we saw a certain agogic sensitivity and a way of knowing how to move between the metronomes adopted in a fairly coherent way. Phrasing was also one of the strengths of the interpretative vision of the Roman conductor.

L'Adige, Haydn Concert, Schumann, Teatro Filarmonico, Verona

Conductor Marco Boemi took quite slow tempos, which allowed him an opportunity to pay close attention to detail.

Wagneriaani, Tabarro / Pagliacci, Hector Sandoval, Elisabet Strid, Helena Juntunen, Juha Uusitalo,  
Finnish National Opera, Helsinki

De meme, an orchestras capable of reveling the beauty of the orchestration pucinnienne est primordial dans la reussite de l'enterprise. Tel est le cas ici. Sous la baguette de Marco Boemi, the orchester du Theater Carlo Felice s'enflamme pour delivrer avec passion un superb support de chant, mais aussi des accents dramatiques dignes des meilleures fosses.

All magazine, review DVD Tosca, Daniela Dessì, Fabio Armiliato, Claudio Sgura, Teatro Carlo Felice, Genoa

Marco Boemi, chaperone of money order, has concerted with a sure and careful hand, finding the right balance between voices and orchestra. His reading of the symphonic interlude of the Villi was very good, in which Boemi was able to grasp the novelty elements of Puccini's score; the Intermezzo by Manon Lescaut and the Closed Mouth Choir by Madama Butterfly are also elegant.

Operaclick, Gala Puccini, Daniela Dessì, Fabio Armiliato, Teatro Filarmonico, Verona

Esplendido y rico en matice el sonido that Marco Boemi extrajo de la muy competent Orquesta Sinfonica de Szeged.

Mundo clasico, Werther, Giuseppe Sabbatini, Katharine Goeldner, ABAO Bilbao Opera

Boemi is a director with a great sentido of movement, sound balance and exquisite cuidado a la hora de arropar the line of singing. He made a direct plastic, of that remembrance especially el Intermezzo de  Manon Lescaut de Puccini bien muy matizada y ductil. He tasted Boemi and tasted the Orquesta.

El comercio, Gala Daniela Dessì / Fabio Armiliato, Campoeamor Theater, Oviedo

Even if only for a mention, it is necessary to remember the contribution made by Marco Boemi as an accompanist in evident harmony of musical intentions and phrasing flexibility with such a free singer.

Gazzetta di Parma, Giuseppe Sabbatini Piano Recital, Teatro Regio, Parma

The conducting by Marco Boemi, who knows every essential part in the opera, succeeded in bringing out all the beautiful sound from the downsized orchestra on the stage (Tokyo Symphony Orchestra).

Mainichi Evening News, L'elisir d'amore, Giuseppe Sabbatini, Eva Mei, Paolo Coni, Natale de Carolis, Suntory Hall, Tokyo 

The real pivot of the concert, however, was Marco Boemi at the helm of the inexperienced orchestra "Mozart and Milan".
The young Roman conductor has confirmed not only but further refined his baton, demonstrating his particular aptitude for the opera, to accompany the singers, managing to capture all the tricks and all the variations that a conductor must respect in this role.  His experience as a pianist in the service of singers was undoubtedly precious to him. And it wasn't easy to always be in tune with a protagonist like Bruson, struggling with an unfamiliar author.

The world of music, Renato Bruson Concert, Anna Caterina Antonacci, Mozart Festival, Rovereto

.... der ausgezeichnete Marco Boemi

alle Hände voll zu tun den

Zusammenhalt zu finden.

Opernglas, Otello (Rossini) James Wagner, Paola Antonucci, Enrico Facini, Staatstheater, Braunschweig

Marco Boemi far from intimidated and indeed very confident in the domain of the stage.

The Republic, Traviata, Giusi Devinu, Marcello Giordani, Renato Bruson, Sferisterio, Macerata

... we must highlight the performance of the brand new Youth Orchestra of the Musica Riva Festival, a group that plays and interprets with great passion, rich in colors and shades, creating in 
full intentions of the reading given to the masterpiece by Marco Boemi, which we greatly appreciated.

L'Adige, Tosca, Ana Dragan, Gialuca Terranova, Renato Bruson, MusicaRiva Festival, Riva del Garda

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